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1995 - 2018


In 1996, David’s first photo assignment for Canadian Geographic magazine was to read Away by Jane Urquhart and interpret the story in one photograph for the Imaginary Landscape series. The published photograph was of Black Creek in the winter, chosen from 10 black and white prints, produced with a 4x5 field camera in southern Ontario over five days.


His next assignment was a three day project to photograph Sandbanks Provincial Park in the winter. This experience influenced him to return to his boyhood home in Souris, Manitoba for the first time in 35 years. The landscape was a new challenge and he continued to produce night winter landscapes using a Linhof 612 panoramic camera in Ottawa.


In 2014, he exhibited this project, Home, at the Ottawa City Hall Art Gallery.


Finally, with the support of a project grant from the City of Ottawa Public Art Program, David documented the Rideau Canal from Ottawa to Kingston in the winter of 2015.  

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